About Us

Hi, my name is Paul.

I’m an internet marketer, I founded Quiet My House.com, to help educate others about soundproofing a home.

I have not always worked online; I have done a variety of other jobs. I came from an industrious blue collar family. I enjoy working with my hands, fixing electronics, and doing technology related work.
Some of My hobbies include working with computers,  listening to music, working out, taking walks, riding four wheelers, Apple products and MacOS are hot topics with me.

In my younger years, I helped a friend out in an electronics repair shop for a few years,have worked in construction with an uncle, and worked a few years buying and selling.

It has been about a year and a half that I have started building websites. I am very high energy when it comes to working towards building websites. I am working towards becoming a highly successful entrepreneur.

The biggest goal I have for this website is effectively educating others about successfully soundproofing their homes.



I have worked extremely hard on building this website. I hope you enjoy all that it has to offer.

Paul Lambertson