Area Rug vs. Wall To Wall Carpeting

There are huge differences in deciding whether to keep your wall-to-wall carpet, or maybe you already have a hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminate floor, all you have to do is roll out some underpayment, then your area rug and you are all set.

Today, we are going to go over the differences of having wall-to-wall carpeting and having a luxury vinyl or laminate floor with an area rug on top.

The times are changing and in this day and age, the technologies available are making installing wall-to-wall carpeting, luxury vinyl or laminate flooring affordable for almost any budget.


Advantages of area rug:

Luxury vinyl or laminate floors are easier to care for, and putting down an area rug with underpayment over a hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminate floor is much easier to care for that wall-to-wall carpeting.

There are lots of advantages to being a homeowner with beautiful hardwood floors and adding the right area rug really makes the room stand out.

When you want to achieve a new-look, it is easier with an area rug. For those that like the freedom of changing their home decor or being able to acquire that unique look only area rugs provide. They can be moved room to room. This means there is no need to hire someone to install them.

Soundproofing underpayment is easier to put under an area rug. All you need to do is cut to fit the rug and you are all set.

An area rug is also perfect for those that rent, as you can very easily take them with you when moving. They can easily cushion footsteps, so there is no worry about disturbing downstairs neighbors.

Let’s admit it area rugs are easier to clean.

It is easier to clean luxury vinyl or laminate flooring, with an area rug and underpayment.

For those people with pets, it is easier to clean up accidents, this means no pet smells.

You can roll hem up and send them off to a rug cleaner. Depending on the situation, you can clean them in place.

An area rug and underpayment can be rolled up and the floor underneath cleaned.

This is healthier for those who are allergy and asthma sufferers, it is easier to keep the rug cleaner.

This means living area is 100% cleaner and more sanitary.

Disadvantages of area rug:

Although there are many advantages to an area rug, there are a few drawbacks to consider.

Exactly like the name states, they only cover a specific area of the floor, hence the name,’Area Rug”

They can be a tripping hazard. If one corner or edge that gets out of line, the next thing you know, you fall flat on your face.

An area rug needs to be secured with double-sided tape and a rug pad to keep them in place.


Advantages of wall-to-wall carpeting:

There are also many awesome advantages to having wall-to-wall carpeting.

Yes, it will make a room more cozy and luxurious. It is one of the most commonly used flooring types in homes. It’s always going to be a flooring option that’s here to stay.

There are several advantages to having wall-to-wall carpeting, such as creating a warm, and inviting setting.

This soften the looks and sounds within a room.

It is very comfortable and soothing to bare feet, especially in the colder months of winter. This also help in making your home more energy efficient, which means lower energy bills.

It will also add more resale value to your home.

There are plenty of cheap carpet cleaning services, this will help in keeping your carpet looking and feeling new.

Carpeting creates cushioning for sitting on the floor, and playing with the children.

This is extremely important if you have a toddler that is learning how to walk, this will make for a safer transition for learning how to walk comfortably without the fear of falling down

Disadvantages of wall-to-wall carpeting:

There is more carpet to vacuum, deep carpet shampooers leave the floor wet, which may lead to mold and mildew.

It is more difficult to clean around the edges of the room, closest to the wall.

It can pose a problem for those with asthma and allergies. As it will hold dirt, dust, mites and allergens.

You are limited to one color per room or an entire house.

The colors of the carpeting will fade and wear out with age.

It wears out quicker in high traffic areas of the home.


These are the advantages and disadvantages of area rugs and wall to wall carpeting. Which option is better is entirely up to you and what your needs are. Whatever option you decide on there are many options to choose from.

Area Rug vs. Wall To Wall Carpeting
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Area Rug vs. Wall To Wall Carpeting
There are huge differences in deciding whether to keep your wall-to-wall carpet, or maybe you already have a hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminate floor
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