Soundproofing An Apartment Or Condominium

If you are living in an apartment or condominium with noisy neighbors this is the article for you. There is nothing worse than living next door to noisy neighbors. They slam the kitchen cabinets, their children run up and down the hallways yelling and screaming, they practically blast their tv in the living room. You are to the point of moving elsewhere.

Today, we are going to help with some solutions to your problems and help to restore your house into home sweet home again.

We can not say enough positive things about this one solution. If you are fully settled into your residence and don’t want to do a full construction overhaul tearing up your entire home.

If you already have sheetrock walls is to get over to your local home improvement store and look into purchasing a few sheets of 1/2 inch sheetrock (depending on your needs) and some Green Gue noise proofing compound and a  caulking gun. You will probably need a case of green glue as it goes fast. two tubes per sheet of sheetrock.

Once you get these supplies home and start on the task at hand, once the electrical plugs and switches have been cut out, and you add the “green glue” to the back of the sheetrock, you will start to see the difference in how quiet it will get as you put the sheetrock up and secured with sheetrock screws.

Remember that the studs behind the sheetrock are 16 inches apart center to center. All that is left to do is to paper and add the joint compound to the seams and screws, then sand the excess off.

Once the walls are ready, paint with textured wall paint. Yes, textured wall paint has as much soundproofing as an acoustic panel.

We would like to add that it takes 30 days for the green glue to cure. It will take 90 days to hear the fullest effect of green glues full soundproofing effects.

Soundproofing the entry doors of residence:

If there is sound coming in with the doors closed. Then this needs to be sealed with a  soundproof weather stripping door kit.

Once you have the weatherstripping kit and are ready to install. You need to start at the bottom of the inner part of the door where the trim makes contact with the outer edges of the door.

Once the weatherstripping is applied.

Now, it is time to install a door sweep which will help out with a multitude of different problems. It will keep out noise, cold or hot air, spiders,bugs,dirt, and dust.

We could go with a cheap easy to install door sweep, it has already been said, do it right the first time, then you won’t have to worry about it later on. You are going to want an  Automatic Door Bottom. This will automatically lower the sweep down into place,once the door is closed. This means the is no door sweep to wear out.


Closing words:

If you are having problems with noisy neighbors. We suggest checking out all of the following suggestions.

Soundproofing An Apartment Or Condominium
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Soundproofing An Apartment Or Condominium
If you are living in an apartment or condominium with noisy neighbors this is the article for you. There is nothing worse than living next door to....
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